We need your help…

Dear friend,

If this is of no interest to you, please excuse the intrusion into your life.

I am seeking small, medium and large donations for the Scholarship Fund for the 2016 San Miguel Institute of Bel Canto. This is a four-week long summer program for young aspiring opera singers I Co-Founded, along with Joseph McClain, in 2015. We are a small and young organization and our donor base is small. (www.smibelcanto.com)

We have several young singers who are in need of scholarship help. If you can help us and wish to make the difference in the life of some aspiring young opera singers, then go to the link below to make a pledge:


Joseph McClain and I founded this program to make high quality training affordable and to bring that training to Mexico, a country with an abundance of tremendous vocal talent, but lacking access to the training and opportunities that American students have. We aim to have about half American singers and half Mexican singers in our program. They can all use your help!

Thank you for any contribution of any amount. Feel free to forward this to anyone else you think might be interested.

All the best,
Michael Sylvester


San Miguel Institute of Bel Canto

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