All your data has been hacked and copied to my servers. Instructions inside

Hello There.

The following is your last notification.

I hacked your system through the Wireless network router you were linking to.

A couple of months ago, I gotten to the machines that you previously used to get on the internet.

All of the data from your devices was automatically copied to my hosting space.

I can take advantage of all of your mobile messengers, social networks, emails, chats, & contact list.

My malware continuously updates its signatures (driver type), therefore it remains invisible to anti-malware tools.
I reckon that now you see, the reasons why I stayed unseen right until this current day

Whilst gathering data with regards to you, I discovered that you’re a big follower of porno web pages & even more.
You really like to visit adult web sites & view kinky video clips while getting an ejaculation.

I have surely made a web camera capturing videos of you jerking off.
The croping and editing of the videos you were viewing right at that moment & your self pleasure.
Your own facial expression is obviously obvious. I don’t believe this sort of material will be really good for your reputation.

I can now direct this video to every person who knows you.

I in addition have no trouble with rendering all of your discreet information open public on the web. I do believe you realize what I’m talking about.

It’ll be an absolute disaster for you.

I am able to mess up your life permanently.

I think you really do not need that to take place.

Why don’t we fix it in this manner: you transfer me 1200 $ (US dollars) via btc equivalent at the time of financial transaction), & i’ll right away delete all of your information from my servers. After that, we will just disregard one another.

My bitcoin wallet address for transfer: bc1qfyq3eyvjsv9vd6tzxdhuqap9vqqyntgplwqeqx

If you do not know how to send finances & what Bitcoin is. Simply type in the Google “Get bitcoin”.

I give you 3 business days to send me money.
The time started monitoring automatically once you opened up the message. I’ll get an alert the minute this email is exposed.

Do not try to look for help, as the wallet cannot be tracked, address the letter is coming from & cannot be followed either and created digitally, so there isn’t any point in messaging me.
Don’t make an attempt to get hold of the law enforcement and some other protection solutions, and if you do, your data will undoubtedly be posted.

Replacing passwords in social networks, email, and gadgets will not help you, since all the info is already downloaded to my web servers.

All the best . and don’t do something stupid. Think about your own future.