America’s Got Talent

Hello friends,

This is going out to everyone I have in my email list.

My voice student, Branden James, is appearing on the Semi-Finals of America’s Got Talent tomorrow evening (Tuesday, Sep 3 on NBC at 9 EST or 8 CST). He needs your votes, so please watch again and vote for Branden. He has put so much time, effort and money into appearing on AGT. He is a wonderful young man whose passion is classical crossover. I think he has a great future. Getting to the Finals of AGT will be huge! Please vote as many times as you can!!!

Here is a voting guide that Branden sent to me:

Voting Guide for Branden James

1. You can call, of course and vote up to 10 times per line. I expect the lines to be busy, and this is best executed later in the evening toward the end of the second hour of open lines. The number will be: 1-866-602-48 + The order I went in. So, If I went 1st, the last two digits are 01; If I went 5th, 05. If I went last, 12. You’re smart people. You’ll figure it out. : )

2. You can vote on the facebook app. Just go on facebook and look up the America’s Got Talent Voting App. You can vote there at least once, maybe more.

3. You can go to Half way down the page on the right side is an icon that says VOTE. Click on it. Anyone with a registered email address can vote UP TO TEN TIMES. This is very effective, of course. This site is accessible from computers and most smartphones.

4. For twitter users, you can vote once by tweeting: #voteAGT Branden James.

That means each person can vote up to 20+ times, potentially!

You’re welcome to forward this to friends and family members. Any help is appreciated!

Love you All. Thanks for helping me spread the word.

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Thanks for voting!

Michael Sylvester