Same-Sex Marriage

OK, so every time I hear someone opposing same-sex marriage, I hear something along the lines of how it will destroy or adversely affect traditional marriage and how the children will be negatively impacted. I love children. I have two of my own and one grandchild. They are precious and they need adult protection from so many things. And, yes, they need two parents who love them unequivocally. Unfortunately, in our current culture, many do not have two married parents and even of those who do, not all of them love and protect them. There are many children who are sadly abused physically and/or emotionally. Now, there are straight and gay people in our society. That is a fact. There are significantly more straight people than gay. Do opponents of same-sex marriage imagine that if it were legal that straight people would suddenly turn gay? Surely not, that is an absurd argument. Are they afraid that there are hordes of latently gay people in straight marriages and that they will all suddenly forsake those sham marriages if gays are allowed to marry? Well, there may be a miniscule number of such marriages. There always have been some. But this has been happening anyway; allowing gay marriage won’t have a discernible effect there. So, what do they fear will happen that will lead to the downfall of traditional marriage??? Men and women will continue to marry, have children, raise them and so on…those people that are gay will continue to be gay and live in their gay relationships as they do now, many of them would marry if allowed to and therefore create more stable relationships, just as straight marriages do. They will also divorce and have bad outcomes, just like straight people do. They might have children (adoption or by other means) and some of them will mistreat their children, just like some straight people do. It is sad, but it is reality. So, other than a religious intolerance of this behavior, what am I missing? I cannot see how this will affect traditional marriage in the least. I just do not buy the argument that allowing gay behavior will create more of it. There is no logic there.

One response to “Same-Sex Marriage

  1. Very well said! My same-sex partner and I were in a committed relationship with each other from 1983 until he passed away Christmas Day 2010. in 1998 I switched employers, and a couple of years later my partner also moved to the same employer. Shortly after he arrived, one of my colleagues at the company asked about our relationship and specifically how long we had been together. When I told her, her response was, “Heck, I don’t have any straight friends who have been together that long!”

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