An eerie 9/11 prediction

From Jan 1999 Reader's Digest

With some free time this summer, Michele and I have been sorting through boxes of “stuff” and throwing out a lot of it. While going through a box today and came across a set of letters. But included among the letters was a Reader’s Digest from January 1999. I’d had a small story published in RD during the 1990’s and I wondered if this was the issue, which would explain why it was saved. So I opened it up to look inside. It was not my “issue.” But as I looked over the Table of Contents, one story caught my eye. There on page 84 for was a story entitled “Are We Ready for Bioterror” with the subtitle, “A major attack could happen with a decade.” When I turned to page 84, the banner photo that spread across pages 84 & 85 was a shot of lower Manhattan featuring the World Trade Center! This article was specifically about bio-terrorism, but this was nevertheless an eerie find as we approach the 10th Anniversary of 9/11.

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